We are always in a quest for something better. Thus, looking for a perfect spouse is just another quest for something better. However, most times, we forget to realize that there is no perfect person. Meaning, that wild quest for someone better is just another futile adventure that will never end.

We must realize that relationships are meant for complement. In order words, your spouse is supposed to be your arm of strength in your areas of weakness, while you are also supposed to be her arm of strength in her areas of weakness.

Let us look at some examples. If the man is a good cook but the woman is not, there is nothing wrong with him helping her out in the kitchen. Complaining continuously about her poor meals will not change anything. It will only stir up unnecessary heat in the house.

If the man is good at keeping the house neat, but the woman is not; there is nothing wrong with the man helping with the cleaning of the house. Don’t treat your spouse like a slave. Give a helping hand. Complement the weakness of your spouse. Marriage is teamwork. It is not a one person’s game.


One of the reasons many homes have turned into war zones is because someone is expecting the weak person to become strong in areas he or she is not strong. When you can comfortably carry the bucket of water as the man, but you leave it and expect your weak wife to do it because you want her to be strong; just know that you have lost your heart as a man. You need a heart.

Be kind enough to be the arm of support and strength to your spouse. Whenever, you notice your man or woman is not good in any area of life, there is no need putting too much pressure on him or her to improve. Sometimes, that little act of support you offer will do more good than the effort you are exerting on him or her to improve.

Do you still remember Comparative Advantage? This is the time to remember what they taught you in secondary school. Let the man do the things he has comparative advantage, and the woman should do the things she has comparative advantage. If we can apply this comparative advantage and become the arm of strength in the areas of weakness exhibited by our spouse, we will realize that the weaknesses exhibited by our spouse will disappear. There will be no weakness in that area again since one of you is good at it.

Be the arm of strength to your spouse or partner. It will not reduce your “manness” or “womanness”. It will only make both of you to bond more than ever, and both of you will become better players in your areas of strength, and that will enhance greater peace and productivity in your home.


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16 thoughts on “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Be the Arm of Strength

  1. One more thing, you seem to support women in this article… A feminist will see this article and will not realize, you are just trying to site examples, and that every relationship is a team thing… Great thoughts though….

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  2. Nice thought but the examples are one sided.

    Some women have vowed never to pick up bills even when they capable. While some men will never step into the kitchen when they’re married. Others still, take advantage of the arm of strength. I no of a woman whose husband is a sailor, she does everything when her husband is not around and acts sickly whenever he’s around because the man is homely.

    My thought: There should be a balance so as not to break the arm of strength.

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