You Can Change Those Negative Realities If You Do This


When we learn to organize and harmonize our body, mind, emotions, and energy, ensuring that they consistently agree with our desired thought reality, then we can manifest our desired thought reality.

The battle of organizing and harmonizing the body, mind, emotions, and energy takes place in the mind. According to experts, the mind thinks between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day, 2,500 to 3,300 thoughts per hour, and 41 to 55 thoughts per minute. The figure is very close to one thought every second.

Even if we reduce the above estimate from experts to 10 different thoughts per minute, you can still acknowledge that training the mind to focus on just one thing for a minute is going to be the greatest fight of all time for many people. Some will not even conceive the strange idea of trying to stay with one thought for a minute.

Now, if you can rightly direct your mind to focus on one positive thought reality you wish to manifest, all day long in order to fuel your active energy, you can change those negative realities. To learn the right attitudes of staying with your thoughts, check our old article titled, The Right Attitude of Staying With Your Dream.  

One of the ways you can stay with your thoughts is by recording that thing you want to manifest with your phone and listen to it as often as you can all day long. For instance, you can record the following and listen to it regularly if you want to manifest more money.

  • Money comes to me frequently, in increasing quantities, through multiple sources, in all the currencies of the world. I am rich and wealthy for life.

When you do this, in every minute, you will successfully plant your desired thought reality into your mind, making it your dormant daily thought. You can also listen to it as the first thing when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing before going to bed. Furthermore, you can meditate (talk silently and loudly to yourself) on those things you want to manifest.

Finally, you can also surround yourself with pictures of the thing you want to manifest. You can use it as wallpaper or screensaver. You can also keep it on the wall, somewhere your eyes can always see. Soon, your desired thought reality will become your normal thought pattern, and that will bring about the manifestation of your desire.


The greatest problem we usually face trying to manifest what we want is our inability to maintain the direction of our thoughts. We just keep on changing the direction of our thoughts from one thing to the other as though we do not really know what we want or where we wish to go.

We act like that pilot who wants to fly a plane to a destination at the north, but just keeps on changing direction from north to east, east to south, south to west, and from west back to north. Such a pilot will only end up exhausting the available fuel in the plane without getting to his desired destination at the north.

Similarly, like that pilot, we just keep on wasting our energy or fuel on the wrong things that will not take us to our desired destination or attract the things we want into our lives. We just keep on interrupting the manifestation process with our conflicting body language, thoughts, emotions, and energy.

To manifest our desired thought realities, we must be deliberate about the direction, focus, and attention of our thoughts. Our mind can not dwell continuously on any negative or contrary thought that will not serve the manifestation of our desired thought realities.

To manifest our desired thought realities, we must ensure that our body agrees with our mind concerning that thought reality we wish to manifest. Our mind must agree with our emotions, and our emotions must agree with our energy (the active energy or vibration).


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3 thoughts on “You Can Change Those Negative Realities If You Do This

  1. Money comes to me frequently, in increasing quantities, through multiple sources, in all the currencies of the world. I am rich and wealthy for life.
    That is a beautiful affirmation…. Thanks for sharing…

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