Guard Against the Law of Reversed Effect


We can easily become too attached to results as we journey along the path of changing our realities with our thoughts. We may find ourselves trying to make things happen, or trying to force our desired results to show forth as quickly as possible.

We can also get desperate and would want to cut corners or arm twist certain things to get our desire results. These desperate efforts can turn around to become the major barriers to the manifestation of our desires. We have to be watchful in order to avoid this trap.

Instead of just doing your meditations and affirmations and letting go, you may become so attached to the result you want to see. If you get so attached to the results and work harder to see the results, the Law of Reversed Effort will set in and work against you.

It is better to stay on the lane of doing things that make things happen. Do what you are required and allow the great powers of the Universe to make things happen for you. If you get in the way and try to make things happen, you will end up hindering the manifestation process

It will be very easy for everyone to walk across a strong plank placed on the ground that is one feet wide. If that same strong plank is placed across a pit that is about two feet deep, it will still be easy for everyone to walk across it without falling. At this stage, nobody thinks of falling.

However, if that same plank is placed across the fifth floor of a twin seven storey building, many will fall off walking across that same plank. More people will fall off walking across that same plank placed on the seventh floor. At this stage, many think of falling.


The Law of Reversed Effect means, any conscious, well-driven efforts or attempts to change any subconscious response, get ferociously resisted because that would mean abandoning the “rule” of subconscious learning.

Walking across the plank placed on the ground and across the pit do not require much conscious effort. However, walking across a plank, placed on the fifth and seventh floor of the twin seven storey building, indeed requires a great deal of conscious effort.

When so much effort is exerting in crossing the plank, the journey becomes more difficult because fear had crept in. The people who could walk across to the other building were less conscious of falling and less fearful. The people who could have fallen off were too conscious of falling and very fearful.

The harder you try to make things happen, the more you end up messing up with the manifestation process. Too much attachment to results during meditation and affirmations can open door for fear to creep into your heart.

When you are fighting with fear, you give more power to it, and you will be conquered by your fears. You fears will generate negative emotions and energies that will resist the manifestation process of your desire.

Furthermore, too much effort can sometimes signal the attitude of resistance. Remember, what you resists, persists. Too much effort can produce the opposite result. Just do your daily meditations and affirmations and let go.

Completely focus on your desired thought realities without caring much about when or how it will happen. Do your meditations and affirmations without getting too attached to the results. The results will come when you have prepared the way with your thoughts and affirmations.




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