Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts

Many people think some supernatural powers and forces are behind the scene, controlling all the realities of our lives. Nevertheless, from time to time, certain occurrences and realities have played out the exact scripts of our own thoughts (whether unspoken or spoken). This tells us that there are times we were able to unleash allContinue reading “Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts”

Unleashing the Power of Thoughts and Words

  God has given us the power to change the negative realities of our lives. This power can be unleashed when there is a total agreement between our thoughts and our words. Due to apparent frequent delays of the manifestation of their spoken words, many have not learnt to develop total confidence in the creativeContinue reading “Unleashing the Power of Thoughts and Words”

The Deception of Delays

Delay is the deceptive tool used by the Universe to screen off unserious minds from receiving their desired thoughts and words. The Universe only delivers the wishes of those who are doggedly willing to stick to their desires regardless of delays, not those who continue to vacillate about their desires due to delays. Delay isContinue reading “The Deception of Delays”

The Sound of the Iron Gong

The iron gong is a very important musical instrument in the traditional African societies. It is used by town criers whenever they have an important message to disseminate to the people of the land. It is an instrument of power. It commands silence in all the nooks and crannies of the village whenever it boomsContinue reading “The Sound of the Iron Gong”

Guard Against the Law of Reversed Effect

We can easily become too attached to results as we journey along the path of changing our realities with our thoughts. We may find ourselves trying to make things happen, or trying to force our desired results to show forth as quickly as possible. We can also get desperate and would want to cut cornersContinue reading “Guard Against the Law of Reversed Effect”


The word “Baby” is a very popular pet name used by almost every couple in our modern society. Apparently, many people are used to calling their spouse “Baby” but they forget to regard them as babies when the need arises. A baby is someone who is not fully developed physically, mentally or spiritually. Most ofContinue reading “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Regard Your Spouse As Your Baby”

Thoughts As Special Garments

Clothes cover our physical mortal body. They protect us from the harsh environments hazards, and bring special beauty to our physical mortal body. In the same way, our thoughts also do the same for us secretly. Our thought pattern in every area of life functions as a unique clothing. Just like we have different kindContinue reading “Thoughts As Special Garments”

BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Sincerely Accept Your Spouse Totally and Completely

Every successful relationship is built on the strong foundation of sincere, total and complete acceptance. That relationship will not last if you do not sincerely accept your spouse or partner completely and totally. If you truly want a successful relationship with your spouse or partner, you have to deliberately discipline your mind to sincerely acceptContinue reading “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Sincerely Accept Your Spouse Totally and Completely”