The War They Don’t Talk About That is Killing More People



War has become a common incident in our society and that can be seen on our television screens. It has become so common that the death of fellow humans no longer mean anything to most people.

Every day, we hear one country, one kingdom, one community, or one group fighting the other. When one stops, another begins almost immediately and suddenly.

Death rates from wars have been on the increase. Nevertheless, if you think we have more victims from these wars, then you need to find out about the next war we will bring to your attention; it is called the war for survival.

The war for survival is another brutal war going on in our society. If we can get the figures right, we will realize that the victims of this war for survival are even far more than the victims of the war stated above.

The two wars stated above are not our focus today. There is yet another war going on, but many are not even aware of it. It is called the Thought War.

There are more victims of this thought war than any other war we have stated above. Apparently, everyone seems to be a victim of the thought war in one area of life.


Religion has made many of us into thinking that we are in another war with the devil and his cohorts of darkness. However, the war with the devil and his cohorts of darkness is part of the thought war. The thought war is a fight against the negative thoughts projected by the devil and his cohorts of darkness.

When we study the Holy Bible, we will realize that we were not told to fight with devils. We were only told to cast out devils, or bind them and cast them out with our words. That does not sound like a “war, battle or fight” but many have turned it into one.

Let us look at a beautiful view from the Holy Bible that addresses this subject in a remarkable way.

For though we walk in the world, we do not fight according to this world’s rules of warfare. The weapons of the war we’re fighting are not of this world but are powered by God and effective at tearing down the strongholds erected against His truth. We are demolishing arguments and ideas, every high-and-mighty philosophy that pits itself against the knowledge of the one true God. We are taking prisoners of every thought, every emotion, and subduing them into obedience to the Anointed One.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5 The Voice Bible Translation

The verses of Scripture above, clearly tells us the real fight we are supposed to be fighting. It clearly points out the things we are supposed to be fighting, and they are called strongholds, arguments, ideas, philosophies, thoughts, and emotions.

In order words, the enemies we are supposed to be fighting are strongholds, arguments, ideas, philosophies, thoughts and emotions. If we carefully look at all these enemies stated above, we realize that our common enemies are thoughts.

The things defeating us are thoughts. Our fight is a fight of thoughts. Our war is a war of thoughts. Our battle is a battle of thoughts. This war, battle, or fight of thoughts has always determined our lot. Thus, a wise man once said, we are either captives or captains of our very own thoughts.

Who is that man or woman that truly and completely believes that he or she is rich and wealthy for life, that is poor? Who is that man or woman that truly and completely believes that he or she is perfectly healthy for life, that is sick or diseased? Who is that man or woman that truly and completely believes that he or she is enjoying physical and spiritual safety and protection for life, that is not enjoying safety and protection?

If no one truly and completely believes, and has been deprived by Nature what he or she believes, then, whenever we think about fixing our problems, we must go back to the foundation of our thoughts.

A wise man once said, when he fixes his thoughts, his problems fix themselves. Fixing your thoughts is the thought war. Looking away from every distracting and opposing reality to believe that whatever you desire is yours is the thought war.

Recognize this thought war! It is time to conquer the negative thoughts limiting you. It is time to make yourself believe in that dream or desire that looks impossible. You have power over your thoughts. It is time to exercise that power by making yourself believe!


The devil is not our biggest problem. Our unbelieving thoughts are our biggest problem. It is time to deal with those unbelieving thoughts that we have accepted. It is time to conquer our enemies called fear, doubt, and unbelief. They are the things keeping us bound.

Let us look at what some spiritual leaders, sages, philosophers and writers have to say about the thought war.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.  

– King Solomon of Old


All things are possible to him that believes.

According to your faith, it will be done to you.

– Jesus of Nazareth


The mind is everything. What you think you become.

– Buddha


You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

– James Allen


What we think determines what happens to us.

– Wayne Dyer


You are either the captive or the captain of your thoughts.

-Denis Waitley


(Your) Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.

– Stephen Richards


You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.

– Marianne Williamson


Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.

– Tony Robbins


Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.

– Earl Nightingale


In your hands will be placed the exact results of your thoughts; you will receive that which you earn, no more, no less. Whatever your present environment may be, you will fail, remain, or rise with your thoughts.

– James Allen


You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind.

–  Darwin P. Kingsley


Life is a journey of endless thought wars. Conquering the thoughts that do not agree with our dreams or desires is the thought war. We have more casualties of the thought war than any other war that has taken place or will ever take place on the surface of the earth.

Some of the victims of the thought war went to their early graves. Some are lying down in the mortuary. Some are lying down on their sick bed in the hospital. Some are badly injured, bleeding profusely. Some are fighting very hard to stay alive.

If you conquer your thought wars in the area of health, then you will enjoy health. If you conquer your thought wars in the area of wealth and riches, then you will enjoy wealth and riches. If you conquer your thought wars in the area of safety and protection, then you will enjoy safety and protection. If you conquer your thought wars in the area of marriage and relationship, then you will enjoy your marriage and other relationships.

The important thing we need to realize is that our victories rub off on the people within our world of influence. We must understand that other human beings can become victims or victors of our thought wars. We are not the only people that benefit from our victories. Our society also benefits from the victories of our thought wars. Thus, we must engage in this thought war with a strong desire to win for our world.



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P-BOUNCE AND P-SWING EXERCISES: The Most Powerful and Effective Exercises for Rock Hard Erection


During one of my meditation sessions, I received an intuitive knowledge about two powerful exercises for rock hard erection. I have practiced them for more than one year and have seen the effectiveness of these two exercises.

At first, I never felt the need to share them due to my religious orientation that frowns at the subject of sex. However, as my awareness continuous to increase, I realized that any helpful thing I discover along my journey is not for me alone, and that keeping it to myself is a disservice to humanity. I made two Youtube videos on these two exercises I that discovered.

I have listened to several videos on this subject but no exercise can be compared to these two exercises. I have tried all those popular exercises you could find on the web. I have tried exercises like, Kegel Exercise, Pelvic Floor Exercises, Squatting Exercise, Plank Exercise, and push-ups, but none could measure up with these two exercises.

You will testify about these two exercises if you can just try it for just one month. You will not pay any dime for this. So just try it, and be kind enough to come back and drop your feedback.

The name P-Bounce is from “penis bounce”, and P-Swing is from “penis swing”. I gave them those names based on how they are done.

  1. The P-Bounce Exercise

It is normal for every man to have an erection during the earlier hours of the morning. When you wake up with that erection, sit comfortable by the side of your bed, and allow your erected penis for a bounce. Ensure that you are sitting comfortably in a way that your penis can swing upward and downward.

(If you don’t stay alone, you can go into the toilet, cover the toilet seat, and sit comfortable by the toilet seat, and allow your erected penis for a bounce.)

For every session, use your fingers and tap your penis. Make it go upward and downward for ten times, and then you allow it to bounce forcefully. Apply some energy when you are doing this exercise and you will feel the impact of the exercise on the base of your penis.

When you are done with every session, rest for about fifteen to thirty seconds and repeat the exercise. After the exercise, you may feel some pain at the base of your penis, lower abdomen and even at the side of your ribs. They are normal pains associated with the exercise.

For beginners, you can do five sessions every time you do the exercise. (Remember every session is made up of ten upward and downward swings or movements and one bounce of the penis). When you have done this exercise more than seven times, you can increase the number of sessions to ten or fifteen times whenever you do the exercise.

Do this exercise three times every week. When you have gotten your desired erection, you can reduce it to once every week, or still retain the three times weekly exercise.

  1. The P-Swing Exercise

Still sitting in that position, you swing your penis in a circular manner for twenty times for every session. You use your finger to support your penis to give it that circular rotation.

When you are done with every session, rest for about fifteen to thirty seconds and repeat the exercise. For beginners, you can repeat the session for just 5 times. When you have done it for more than seven times, you can repeat the session of the exercise for ten to fifteen times.

These two exercises exert pressure on the base of the penis and all the muscles and nerves connected to erection. Just like you do push-ups to strengthen your muscles, these two exercises will strengthen all the nerves and muscles connected to erection.


Please, you do not have to over strain the penis. Your wife may need your attention. Just follow the simple instructions: three times every week, consistently for one month. We are waiting patiently for your feedback.

If our explanation is not very clear, please, kindly check out our YouTube videos on this subject on the link below. The video quality may be poor but the information there is priceless. You can also drop your questions below this article or below the link of the video and we will respond to them as fast as possible.


Next post on this subject will be Sunday, September 22, 2019, and the subtitle will be, Three Amazing Benefits of P-Bounce and P-Swing Exercises.





A colleague once told me a story. According to him, he was one of those husbands who could cook very well. He cooked far better than his wife. Thus, from time to time, he took turn in the kitchen to cook for his wife and children. Their little children would commend him for the beautiful meals he cooked. They said they enjoyed what he cooked more than what their mother cooked, and they will all laugh about it.

Cooking for the family was always fun for him. Thus, irrespective of his busy schedules, he always took turn in the kitchen to cook for his family. He continued to do this for several years. However, one day, he returned from work and discovered there was no food for him to eat. His wife and his children had already eaten the remaining food in the afternoon but she had not been able to cook anything for them to eat that evening.

She was lying on the bed when he returned. She told him she was not feeling fine. However, just as he was about leaving the bedroom, she told him to help her cook. This was not the first time he would return hungry to meet empty pots in the kitchen. He had always overlooked and would go to the kitchen to cook for the family.

That particular day, when she said he should assist her to cook, he suspected a foul play. He turned and looked at her and saw her smiling. He looked at her closely and felt she was taking him for a ride. He remained silent for a while to surprise his anger. Then, with a calm tone of voice, he told her that he would never cook in the house again.

Few months later, his wife was very sick and was hospitalized but the man stood his ground. She pleaded with him but he stood his ground. His wife called his parents and her parents to intervene, but the man still stood his ground. The wife had to invite her younger sister to come over to the house to help do the cooking and other kitchen chores.

Some men can do anything to assist their wives, however, abusing such privileges could bring about unpleasant consequences. Most men are very rigid, when they make certain decisions, it could be very difficult to change them. This is not applicable to men alone. It is applicable to women too. Thus, in order to enjoy the arm of support from your spouse, please, do not abuse privileges. You may never enjoy such them again.


I was told another story about a man who lost his job. His wife was also working so the man did feel the pressure of looking for another job. She continued to carry all the responsibilities of the family as she tried to talk to him to get any available job like teaching but he said he cannot do any job that they would pay him peanuts as salary. When she continued to talk to him, the man felt she was no longer respecting him.

Soon, the man started drinking to mourn the loss of his job. He started returning home drunk. He would use the money his wife brings to the house to drink and get drunk. Soon, the man began to have frequent quarrels and fights with his wife. Their happy home soon turned into a war zone. When the woman could no longer bear the domestic violence she was experiencing at home, she divorced him and left his house. That was the time the man got back his senses and saw the need to pick up any available job, and he started teaching in a high school.

If you are privileged that your wife is supporting you financially, please, do not abuse it. You might be among the category of men who have lost their job, please, find something else to do. Not every woman is graced enough to silently bear the financial responsibility of the house for a long time. Do something to assist her. Do not wait until her single arm of strength breaks before you swing into action. Do the little you can to support her. It will be better that you are providing a little than nothing.

We usually make the mistake of taking our supportive spouse for granted. This is one of the things, which usually change some supportive spouse. Do not fold your hands and watch because he or she is helping you out. Do not take it for granted and leave it for him or her. You might loss the beautiful privilege of enjoying that thing for the rest of your life.

Protect what you are enjoying by doing the little you can to assist. When you abuse privileges, you will lose them. When you take him or her for granted, or you continually leave that burden for him or her to bear; the weight of that burden and other burdens can break his or her arm of support. When he or she is supporting you, do not keep that responsibility or burden for him or her to bear continuously until you break his or her arm of support.


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Dreams are for the Dreamers


There has been no time people believe in dreamers. If you are a great dreamer, you might have already noticed that people hardly believe in your dreams. If this is your story, welcome to the world of dreamers. Dreams are for the dreamers.

Whenever you tell them what you saw in your dream, they laugh at you. Some of your friends even begin to withdraw themselves from you. Even your closest family members do not believe in your dreams and you feel like giving up sometimes.

Well, welcome to the world of dreamers. You have to realize that dreams are for the dreamers. Don’t allow yourself to be bothered. Keep believing and keep working on your dream. Every dream can become a reality if the dreamer keeps dreaming.

The only thing that kills a dream is the death of the dreamer’s persistence. A little more persistence, a little more effort; and what seemed hopeless, may turn to a glorious success. If you continue to dream that dream, it will become a reality.

Do you know that the journey of Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts is like the journey for a dreamer? Sometimes, you also find it very difficult to believe in those dreams that do not agree with your realities. Making other people to believe can even be more difficult. Nevertheless, against all odds, you have to keep believing in your dream with your eyes wide open.


Dreams are for the dreamers. In the midst of countering realities and circumstances, you have to keep telling yourself, “I am rich and wealthy for life. I am perfectly healthy for life. I am enjoying safety and security for life. I love selflessly and I am selflessly loved in return. I am enjoying my marriage every day of my life here on earth. I am enjoying and living in the reality of the kind of life I desire; for the best things of life come to me effortlessly. I am worthy, deserving all the good I desire.”

These are crazy dreams that many will find it difficult to believe but you have to keep believing and dreaming. Some of us are already enjoying most of those dreams that looked impossible in the past. We kept dreaming those dreams that looked impossible and today Life has delivered the realities of those dreams into our world.

Some of you reading this article may have to believe again. If you fall into that category, dust your dream book and start dreaming again. Make that little move you can. Take that little step you can. Try again. Fail again. Fall again. Just keep creeping if you have to, but don’t give up on your dream.

No matter how impossible that dream may look like today, don’t give up on your dream. Keep dreaming your dream. Keep watering your dream by staying with thoughts of your dream. The harvest season is at hand. Soon, the people who doubted your dreams will be the first to celebrate you.



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The Right Attitude of Staying With Your Dreams




Many people have not learnt the right attitude of staying with the thoughts of their dream. Whenever they remember their dreams, they only end up thinking about the negative things that has been limiting them. They think about the money and the other resources they do not have to accomplish that dream. They think about the people or the connections they do not have to accomplish that dream. They only think about the negative circumstances that are starring at their face.

These negative thoughts stir up negative feelings of limitations and inabilities, which end up stirring more negative emotions like sadness, helplessness, powerlessness, unworthiness, doubt, despair, worry, anger, hatred, bitterness, jealousy, envy, irritation, depression, disappointment, discouragement, frustration, etc. These negative emotions will thereby work together to pull and attract more occurrences and experiences that will keep them swimming in those negative emotions.

When you remain on negative thoughts of things limiting you, you continue to supply more fuel to strengthen the active negative energy. The more you strengthen the active negative energy, the more you create or attract occurrences that are more negative. It is like sinking deeper into the same mess. It will require more effort to come out, and even a longer time to come out of the mess.

The right attitude of staying with the thoughts of your dream is simply fantasizing the manifestation or the actualization of those dreams. Seeing yourself living in the manifested reality of that dream, and evoking the positive feelings and emotions that you will naturally express if that dream becomes a reality.


Stay with the thoughts of your dreams. Look away from your current situations and limitations. Close your eyes and look away from where you are at the moment and see the manifested reality of that dream. Whenever you pick up your dream book to read and remind yourself of that dream, you only fantasize the manifestation and the actualization of that dream.

Stay with the thoughts of your dreams. Make those thoughts of your dreams you friends. Let them be your companion everywhere you go. Take out some time from your busy schedules and reminisce on the manifested realities of your dreams. This will make you generate your desired active energy, which will engage all the forces and powers of Nature to work together to deliver it into your hands.

Stay with those thoughts of your dreams until they become your physical realities and experiences. Understand that all those things you desire have always been yours. They are already available to you and will always be available for your possession. You just need to align your thought body, your emotion body, and your energy body to those realities you want to manifest and you will manifest them.

Continue to stay with those thoughts of your dreams. Let those thoughts of your dream saturate and inundate your mind. If you can maintain this high frequency of staying with the thoughts of your dreams, nothing can stop the physical manifestation.


Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts



We are always in a quest for something better. Thus, looking for a perfect spouse is just another quest for something better. However, most times, we forget to realize that there is no perfect person. Meaning, that wild quest for someone better is just another futile adventure that will never end.

We must realize that relationships are meant for complement. In order words, your spouse is supposed to be your arm of strength in your areas of weakness, while you are also supposed to be her arm of strength in her areas of weakness.

Let us look at some examples. If the man is a good cook but the woman is not, there is nothing wrong with him helping her out in the kitchen. Complaining continuously about her poor meals will not change anything. It will only stir up unnecessary heat in the house.

If the man is good at keeping the house neat, but the woman is not; there is nothing wrong with the man helping with the cleaning of the house. Don’t treat your spouse like a slave. Give a helping hand. Complement the weakness of your spouse. Marriage is teamwork. It is not a one person’s game.


One of the reasons many homes have turned into war zones is because someone is expecting the weak person to become strong in areas he or she is not strong. When you can comfortably carry the bucket of water as the man, but you leave it and expect your weak wife to do it because you want her to be strong; just know that you have lost your heart as a man. You need a heart.

Be kind enough to be the arm of support and strength to your spouse. Whenever, you notice your man or woman is not good in any area of life, there is no need putting too much pressure on him or her to improve. Sometimes, that little act of support you offer will do more good than the effort you are exerting on him or her to improve.

Do you still remember Comparative Advantage? This is the time to remember what they taught you in secondary school. Let the man do the things he has comparative advantage, and the woman should do the things she has comparative advantage. If we can apply this comparative advantage and become the arm of strength in the areas of weakness exhibited by our spouse, we will realize that the weaknesses exhibited by our spouse will disappear. There will be no weakness in that area again since one of you is good at it.

Be the arm of strength to your spouse or partner. It will not reduce your “manness” or “womanness”. It will only make both of you to bond more than ever, and both of you will become better players in your areas of strength, and that will enhance greater peace and productivity in your home.


Stay With Your Dreams


One of the major reasons many people do not manifest their dreams is because they do not stay with those thoughts of their dreams long enough. The thoughts of their dreams only visit their mind like an August visitor, once every year when they were writing down their goals at the beginning of the year. After writing those dreams down, some even forgot where they dropped it.

You have to stay with the thoughts of those dreams every day, every week, every month, and every year until they become tangible realities in your life. When you remove your mind from those dreams, you abort the process of conception and possible delivery.

When you remove your mind from those dreams, you stop the watering process of those dreams for them to grow and bear the desired fruits. When you do not stay with the thoughts of your dreams long enough, you lose focus and faith in those dreams. When you do not stay with the thoughts of your dreams long enough, your attention will be diverted. You will get discouraged and will soon give it up for something less.

The greatest secret of becoming whatever you desire is staying with the thoughts of that desire or dream for as long as it takes you to manifest them. When you stay long enough with the thoughts of that desire or dream, your eyes will become more open to see and identify opportunities that will help you actualize them. When you stay long enough with the thoughts of your dreams, you will be like one of those great predators waiting in ambush for its prey. Such vigilant and patient waiting always pays off heavily.

Staying with the thoughts of your dreams simply means reminding yourself about that dream daily. Deliberately evoking pictures and images of that dream to fill your mind as often as you can .


The power of your thoughts is far much more that you can fathom. Thoughts orchestrates of miracles. They create the highway to every miraculous experience. The miracles you need concerning that dream is attached to how much you can fan the embers of that dream in your heart. The miracle you need concerning that dream is attached to how long you can stay and evoke images and pictures about that dream in your heart, attached with strong emotion and feeling, using the power of your thoughts.

Do not join the bandwagon of those who only remember their dream once in a week, month, or year. Make it a daily thing. Develop the habit of reminding yourself every day as often as you can each day. Let the thoughts of your dream saturate your heart daily. Do not let it go out of your heart even if you do not know how to accomplish it. Do not let it go out of your heart even if you do not seem to have all the necessary resources and the means to accomplish those dreams.

There is no greater secret than this. The greatest secret to manifesting any dream is simply staying with the thoughts of that dream and allowing it to inundate your heart no matter how long it takes to manifest or accomplish it. When you develop this attitude of staying with your thoughts, you will be like that person that is knocking or asking continuously. Such persistence will surely open doors that will take you to the manifestation and actualization of your dream.

Nothing can stand in the way of persistence successfully. It is one of the greatest virtues required for greatness and success. The gentle ax of persistence has brought down even the greatest trees in the forest. It is not about how much force you can apply. It is just about how much persistence you can apply as you stay with those thoughts of your dreams.



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How Many Blows Can You Take For Your Dream?


One of my friends was in love with a lady. However, he had five obstacles to deal with. Obstacle number one: she was from a rich family. Obstacle number two: she was one year older than he was. Obstacle number three: she was in a class ahead of him. Obstacle number four: they have had a quarrel before, and were not even talking to each other. Obstacle number five: she had a boyfriend who was a bully in campus.

The day he tried talking to her, she slapped him and reported him to her boyfriend, who also gave him another beating of his life but this crazy guy was not ready to give up.

To cut the long story short, today, both of them are happily married with two boys and two girls. I don’t know how he overcame all the obstacles. The only thing I can say is that he was ready to take more slaps and more blows.

This is a typical example of the journey to success. How many slaps and how many blows can you take for your dream? How many times will you be willing and ready to risk your life for that dream?

The journey towards the achievement of any great goal is not usually a smooth ride. If you are not climbing some potholes, you could be stuck somewhere facing one obstacles or challenge.

Sometimes, the journey gets so tough that quitting looks like the best option. During such rough times, many people lose faith in their great dreams that could have changed lives globally.

They let go of all the sacrifices that they have made along the journey. Thus, they trash all the invaluable training and the experiences that they have gathered over the years for that dream they once had strong passion to do.

If you fall into that category of people who have lost hope and trashed their dreams due to difficulties, you need to realize that no great dream happens without challenges. Get back your passion for your dream..


Challenges are the training packages that strengthen your muscles for the task ahead. They prepare you for the future so that you could carry the weight of the success you desire.

Challenges build your fighting stamina. They test your persistence and strengthen your ability to endure hardness. Challenges expose how many blows you can take for your dream.

When you study the biography of successful people, you will discover that they all had rough and tough times. They also felt that unbearable heat that made them want to quit.

Many of them completely lost hope at one point or the other. Nevertheless, when they kept pushing, they had the breakthrough they were expecting, and their story changed.

No successful man will tell you that success comes on the platter of gold. They all fought their way through, irrespective of the seemingly impossible circumstances that surround them.

Some of you reading this article need to love again even though you just experienced one heartbreak. Some of you need to believe in health, wealth, peace, love, unity, progress, etc. Some of you need to believe in your lost career. Believe again and go back to work.

Join the club of dogged fighters who don’t give up! Dust that unfulfilled dream and go back to work. Go back to the place of training! Believe in yourself once again, and push towards the achievement of that great dream.

Remember, we are enjoying several possibilities that were impossibilities years ago. Someone never gave up on his dream that looked impossible. The person kept on pushing, and today we are enjoying the possibilities of past impossibilities.

You can make your dream to be named among the impossibilities of the past. Get back your passion! Do that thing you loved doing. Victory is knocking at your door through the fingers of this article. It is time to win again!




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Building Your Desired Active Energy


Making our active energy align with our desired thought realities is very important if we want to change our realities with our thoughts. The active energy is the power of creation and attraction. Our active energy generates the creating and the attracting power in us. It also engages the powers of the universe to work in agreement with the energy it is generating within us.

The active energy is the active force field of attraction that pulls the realities and circumstances that agree or align with it. When we talk about the Law of Attraction, we are actually referring to the influence of the active energy or the active vibration of our multi-dimensional body.

Elements used to Build the Active Energy

The first thing we need to realize when we wish to build our desired active energy is for us to know what our multi-dimensional body uses to build our active vibrations. We build our active energy or active vibration with our thoughts and our feelings or emotions. Whenever our thoughts agree with our feelings (emotions); our energy body creates and generates an energy, vibration, or force field that aligns with it. When this continues, the active energy or vibration is created.

Since our thoughts and our emotions can be influenced by our experiences, circumstances, beliefs, and several other factors, we need to realize that whenever we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch with either our physical body or even with our heart, certain emotions are evoked. These emotions feed our energy body. Thus, we have to be conscious of the kind of emotions dominating our heart all through the day because the best fuel for our energy body is our emotion. It is not even our thoughts, however, our thoughts are also very important factor.

In our previous post, we discussed the chain reaction, the “rub off” impact, or transfer of impact, from one dimensional body to the other. If you have not read that post, kindly refer to our article titled: Active Energy, Force Field or Vibration.

Take Control of Your Thoughts

When the chain reaction, the “rub off” impact, or transfer of impact, gets to our thought body (the mind), the emotion body receives the impact and immediately sends it to the energy body to create an aligning energy.

If we want to remain on that high frequency of the thought realities we wish to manifest, averting the negative chain reaction at the thought level will cushion the negative impact sent by our thought body to the emotion body.

Some of the things we can do to keep our thought body and its thoughts on that high frequency are:

  • don’t take things too personal
  • don’t be too critical
  • avoid unnecessary arguments
  • avoid complaining about things you cannot change
  • accept things the way they unfold
  • See a reason to be grateful in every situation

3 Ways to Build Your Active Energy, Force Field or Vibration

  1. Use Your Emotions

The whole idea about building your desired active energy is about the kind of emotions that dominate your emotion body daily. Thus, you must be wise enough to keep your emotions on the positive side. Whenever you find yourself in the negative side of emotions, quickly look for a way to get yourself back to the positive side.

In one of our previous posts, we talked about How to Deal With Negative Emotions. Please, kindly check out that article.

  1. Use Meditation

Meditation is another powerful tool we can use to build our desired active energy. Carefully read the following instructions before you jump to the steps below.

Instructions on Meditation:

Sit down comfortable in a chair, close your eyes, bend your head slightly backwards, and look between your eyebrows. Focus on your breath, while you are looking at that central inner point between your eyebrows. If you are going for 30 minutes meditation, for the first five minutes, just focus on your breath and that central inner point between your eyebrows.

If you do this correctly, you will find yourself diving deeper and deeper into the alpha and theta states of the mind. The alpha and the theta states are the best states to get the desired results in meditation.

However, if you are new to the alpha and the theta states of the mind, then, just start immediately you have been able to calm and relax yourself in your seat as instructed above.

Step 1: Gratitude

Still in the meditating state as stated in the Instructions on Meditation above, begin the meditation with gratitude. Count your blessings one by one and give thanks to God, the Divine, the Source of all things.

Count your blessings and express gratitude for a long time, and you will build the right energy for your affirmations and visualizations. If you have relationship with your emotion body, you will be able to know when you have started generating the positive energy that aligns with your desired positive thought realities.

Step 2: Affirmation

Still in that meditating state as stated in the Instructions on Meditation above, affirm and reaffirm that thing or the things you wish to manifest in your life.

Step 3: Visualization

Still in that meditating state as stated in the Instructions on Meditation above, use visualization to power your affirmations. See yourself enjoying the desires of your heart. Evoke the positive emotions you will express if your heart desire becomes your physical reality.

Step 4: Gratitude

Still in that meditating state as stated in the Instructions on Meditation above, express your gratitude to God, the Almighty. Express gratitude for the manifestation of the things you wish to manifest.

When you see yourself in the images and pictures of your desires, it will be easy to connect the positive energy of gratitude to your affirmations and visualizations.


The recommended periods for this meditation should be early in the mornings (before bath and meals) and in the evenings (after bath and meals, before you hit the bed for the night rest). However, if you can do this meditation as often as you can during the day, there is a high tendency for you to have quicker results.


Please, don’t try this meditation when you are driving, working on a machine or engaged in any activity that requires your attention. You can lose consciousness during this special type of meditation.

  1. Use Music

Music is another powerful tool we can use to boost our emotions to the positive height we desire. There are certain kind of music that lifts our emotions when we listen to them. Every one of us has a way of connecting our emotions to music.

Listen to good music as often as you can during the day and even at night. It will help stabilize your emotions on that high frequency you desire to remain all through the day.

Sing along if you know the song. Dance if you can. Joy and happiness are beautiful emotions that will feed your energy body positively. Release and express your positive emotions to feed your energy body.







Active Energy, Force Field or Vibration

energy body.jpg

The energy body is responsible for the energy or vibrations we emit from our multi-dimensional body. However, that energy or vibration we emit from our energy body was created by the data signals received from our mortal body, our breath body, our thought body, and our emotion body.

For instance, when you do not have any cash in your pocket, wallet or bank account, that reality affects the physical activities of your physical body. This impact on the physical activities of your mortal body will affect your breath body, your thought body, your emotion body and your energy body.

In order words, the data signals from our environment or our physical realities rub off on our mortal body. The data signals received by our mortal body rub off on our breath body. The data signals received by our breath body rub off on our thought body. The data signals received by our thought body rub off on our emotion body. The data signals received by our emotion body rub off on our energy body. It is a transfer of impact from one dimensional body to the other.

This “rub off” or transfer of impact from one dimensional body to the other may not be acknowledged or noticed by those who are not yet acquainted with the activities of their multi-dimensional personality. When you begin to get acquainted with the activities of your multi-dimensional personality, you will begin to identify how these chains of impact takes place.

Our emotion (which is our feeling or the sensation of our body) is the data signals that the energy body receives from the emotion body. These data signals of emotions, feelings, or sensations, which was sent to the energy body from the emotion body, create the active energy, the active vibration, the active force field, or the active aura.

Our energy body works with the emotion data signals it receives from our emotion body to create our active energy or force field, which attracts our realities. From time to time, we continue to supply the same old patterns of emotion data signals to feed our established active energy, active force field, active vibration, or the active aura). This established active energy is the energy, force, vibration or aura running the shows of our lives.

energy body

Have you ever watched the video of a hurricane? A hurricane is an example of an active force field made up of wild air. No tree stands on its way. No building stands on its way. No vehicle, including trailers or trains, can run thought the powerful force field of a hurricane. It is an unstoppable force field of wild air. Anything that stands on its way, faces destruction. That is how force fields function.

Looking at it from the positive angle, when you have built the required force field for your desires, nothing can stand against its manifestation. However, there is a way to take control of your force field to make it work for you. Furthermore, building the force field that will deliver your desires is very important in the act of changing your realities with your thoughts.

Another example we can look at is the energy supplied to the oscillation of ceiling fan. When you turn off the nob of your ceiling fan, the fan does not stop oscillating immediately. It will be very dangerous to stop the ceiling fan with your finger immediately you turn off the nob. It usually takes some time to slow down before it finally stops oscillating because there an active energy or force is influencing its oscillation.

The same thing happens when you start changing the active energy or force field running the show of your life. When you realize that your life is a product of your thought patterns, and you begin to deliberately change your thought patterns, you are actually activating a new energy, vibration, or force field that will produce your desired new realities of life. This desired new reality could be in the area of your finances. However, we need to acknowledge that sometimes, it might take some time for the old active energy to give way to the new one.

When you begin this journey of changing your realities with your thoughts, your new positive thought pattern begins to send a new positive data signal to your emotion body, which also sends the same to alter that negative active energy. Most times, since we are still trying to master the act, from time to time, we find ourselves supplying the old countering negative data signals to strengthen the old active negative energy we are trying to replace. Thus, those negative circumstances and realities continue to linger more than expected. Those that are not well informed about this active energy, force field, aura or vibration, begin to lose faith in the manifestation process of changing their realities with their thoughts.

Don’t join the train of those losing faith in the manifestation process of changing their realities with their thoughts. Pin Your Mind There. Pin mind to those beautiful thought realities you want to manifest. If you continue to pin your mind to those beautiful thought realities you want to manifest, you will completely replace the old established active energy or force field. When you successfully replace the old established active energy, active force field or active vibration to the new one that aligns with your desired thought realities, then you will begin to experience your desired realities.

Next, we will be talking about Building Your Desired Active Energy



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